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The global online education market is projected to reach a total market size of US$319.167 billion in 2025, increasing from US$187.877 billion in 2019. Online learning provides the learner freedom to learn from anywhere, at any time, as most online educational tools are portable.
In a world where parents think of why oxygen when we have air, online classes were considered only a last option to in-person classroom lectures and courses. There exist today several options to deliver classes but a tutoring organization that delivers an online experience closest to an in-person classroom are the ones that will eventually prevail.

Learning real estate in the new normal has been diminished to tiles on our digital devices. On either side of the scale of the 15-inch marker is the beginning of the size of the classroom which we have begun to accept, although reluctantly. Online tutoring, online tuitions have been in existence for a long time where acceptance of it from a parent’s perspective has been moderately tepid.

Bringing in a brick and mortar classroom into any room in the home is a task that needs to be left to experts who have delivered quality classes 1 on 1 and have not compromised on learning standards to make children successful.

1 on 1 tutoring in a private and secure environment gives parents the freedom to sign up classes in any or all areas including Math, Science, English, Economics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. The opportunity to upskill the children in new areas to make them future-ready also makes it a very viable option as each child will have a different goal in life. The different areas to consider to a future proof career include but not limited to are information security, data security, AI, and machine learning. When tutoring your child, it would be a good option to explore if the tutoring company can understand and provide guidance for retooling and reskilling based on options you want to consider.

Technology has over the years has enabled and reduced distance and accessibility to anything anywhere. No more rush traffic driving, no more burning fuel and indirectly protecting our environment by reducing carbon footprints allow using the scalable online technologies which deliver classes and tutoring services. This helps in ease of learning within the comfort of your current location.

There are several educational content providers, but 1 on 1 interactive sessions with a live tutor helps in customizing study plans to the child’s needs. This will drive the adoption of the online platform and eliminate the frustration in digital learning. Learning is not about memorizing but providing an opportunity for the student to learn at their pace and level. Expert tutors who can interact and collaborate with students and understand this pedagogue can help the child succeed in their learning goals.

Learning Arena, an online tutoring company in Plano provides and hires the best tutors who work with the child’s interest in mind and make learning about understanding concepts, improve critical thinking, and bridge the gaps in their understanding of core concepts.

A personal touch, classroom experience, and expertise from tutors are needed to deliver a fun, secure, and private tutoring experience.
While selecting a tutoring service for your child its imperative to look at not only the experience of the tutor but the platform for delivery of classes for effectiveness, and quality of the classes. This vastly differentiates 1 on 1 online tutoring from any other flavors of online tutoring like pre-recorded video lessons and hence makes it more engaging and a better return on investment.

Learning arena offers live online tutoring for various curriculum.

Learning arena offers live online tutoring for various curriculum across the 50 United states. The tutoring experts and educators are well trained and boast degrees from very reputed US schools. We have been in the business of online teaching for over 9 years and have educated 1000’s of children very successfully. Excellence is our Top Priority- We do not believe in bad students. We make sure to teach at each student’s pace to place no pressure on their learning potential. We make sure every student excels at what they study.
We are headquartered in Plano, Texas with our online expert tutors located across the different states to facilitate anytime anywhere learning which is fun, easy and secure.
The options we offer to students for online classes are many and each student has his or her unique schedule, need and pace which our educators very carefully work with to provide the best results for your child.
We offer both individual and group sessions on various subjects, and we adapt our method of teaching to the learning style of the child. This approach makes it an opportunity for the student who has a customized lesson plan which helps in their goals.
Learning Arena’s online teaching pedagogue ensures that the student learns something new each time they come into class be it about their subject or how they can be secure in this world of online learning.
It’s a digital experience we at Learning Arena strive to deliver to bring it close to a class room experience by using a variety of digital tools all embedded into the platform for both the online tutor and student to use simultaneously.
Learning Arena’s exam prep tutors are experts in the domain of exam taking and have scored extremely high marks in their exams and have the tips and tricks needed to be successful in competitive exams like ACT, SAT, GRE and MCAT.
Learning Arena hiring policy ensure that we hire the most qualified and personable tutors who are driven by the passion of teaching and willing to deliver very high-quality education to make your children better citizens and well rounded as they move to choosing a career. The holistic approach which uses augmented, blended, simulated and computational techniques delivers what it takes for children to be ready in this digital world.
We use the three “C “principles for online teaching which are “Concepts”, “Critical thinking” and “Closing gaps “for well-rounded learning.
Read, Write, Speak and Listen are the core skills Learning Arena mentors, online teachers and tutors focus while teaching and tutoring. Development of these skills helps a child develop and build their cognitive abilities and improve critical thinking.
Online classes should be fun, easy and secure for your child and we at Learning Arena work with your child to give a delightful online learning experience. We are one of the best online learning companies which offer a secure, encrypted and privacy-guaranteed environment for learning.

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