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Biology is an eye-opening subject that delves into the basic functionality of life around us. From cells, to humans, animals, insects, and plants, biology encompasses all of it But this subject can often mentally drain students with the number of pathways, names, enzymes, or cycles. The key to mastering biology stems from understanding the interdependence between life on earth. Being able to apply and manipulate pathways such as glycolysis, Kreb’s, or the Calvin cycle allows one to truly understand the mechanisms of biological systems. Luckily, our tutors are trained in aiding students understand and apply terms ranging from anatomy and physiology to the plant life cycle, with many helpful mnemonics along the way.
Our team of tutors are hand-picked for their passion and knowledge in the respective subjects. Each tutor is interviewed and trained to meet the needs of the students based on the best educational standards. Our tutors come from the top universities and have a degree in the related subject matter They are well-placed to give students customized lessons and help them excel in their classes and exams.