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" It shouldn't matter how slowly a child learns, as long as we are encouraging them not to stop"-
Robert John Meehan

The academic professionals at Learning Arena are "facilitators of learning", "Mentors" and "a Coach" for your child. We provide a a platform which will seamlessly connect and help your child understand the core subject concepts, build additional skills to perform better in classes. Tutoring techniques adopted at Learning Arena explores the four dimensions of learning; Reading, Writing,Speaking and Listening .This enables the student to be confident and helps improve their self esteem to perform well in classes.

Classroom Tutoring

Classroom Tutoring

Classroom Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Highly personalized teaching at the convenience of your home and time with subject experts across the globe. Experience the real time teaching in different subjects of your interest. Customize your tutoring plan based...

In person Tutoring

Learning Arena places a special emphasis on scholastic, soft skills, communication, creative and interpersonal skills.A blended and augmented learning approach is utilized to expose the students and individuals ...