Questions are your rights and answers are our responsibility.

  • How do I get a tutor?

    You can get a tutor in four simple steps.

    1.Complete the online student registration form

    2.A learning advisor will then contact youto discuss your tutoring needs.

    3.A technical check of your system is performed

    3.Make payment and get classes scheduled

  • What can I get help with?

    Math,Science,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,English,Hindi, Tamil from the Standard 6 to Standard 12 for CBSE,ICSE,and any state syllabus. They can help you with homework and test preparations as well.

    Whether you are in Regular, Honors, Pre AP, AP, IB or other curriculum, Laser Mentors can assist in Math and Science from the Grade 6 to the first year of college. Laser Mentors

  • Is my computer compatable?

    We will do a technical compatibility check with your system prior to the first session. As a general rule all computers that run windows 7or Mac are compatible.You can use an adroid tablet or Ipad as well for your tutoring sessions.

  • Can I review my previous sessions?

    We make sure the same tutor is assigned to you for all your tutoring needs.

  • Can I work with the same tutor again?

    Yes. We will assign you the same tutor for all sessions that you have registered.

  • What are the technical requirements for an online class?

    Pen Pad. External Head set with Microphone. An Internet browser like Internet Explorer/Firefox.

  • What if I have audio issues?

    Please contact us and we will help you resolve the problem.

  • Is there a contract obligation?

    No, there is no long term contact obligation. You can cancel any time

  • Can I reschedule a session?

    Prior notice of 6 hours is needed in order for you to reschedule a session. You must take the missed session within the same month,otherwise, the session is forfeited.

  • Is there a contract obligation?

    No, there is no long term contact obligation. You can cancel any time. If you decide to cancel midmonth you will be able to finish for the month you have already paid for.

  • What additional services do you provide?

    Periodic assessments can be done upon request. Please discuss with the Laser Advisor should you need these assessments be needed as part of your study plan.

  • Can I use and IPAD or ANDROID tablet to attend class?

    Yes, you can use an IPAD or ANDROID tablet to attend class.

  • Are there any specific requirements for using the IPAD or ANDROID tablet?

    Download the wiz iq app from the App store (Apple) or Play store (Android market) on to your tablet . Open the link sent for your class and log in